'Ge.Mi. / games on the road' was a greek mobile games company. It was founded in August 2003 by two video-games enthusiasts: Game Developer Chiotis Georgios and Designer Fragos Michael. It was aiming to the creation of quality games and the pioneering of new technologies for mobile phones and handheld devices. A couple of game titles were published successfully the years 2004-2005 till they joined forces with another greek company in December 2006 (TCF) and later in November 2007 (Games2Gaze).


Mophun was a C based SDK specialised to game development for mobile devices. It was made possible by Synergenix and it was coming with a free license to develop games. However, you only needed to sign-in to the mophun developer forum to start developing.

JavaME, also known as J2ME, refers to the Java MicroEdition, the Java subset for devices with limited capabilities which cannot hold the whole J2SE. Nowadays, it is the most popular platform for mobile games and modern hardware improves its speed greatly.

EDGELIB was the most powerful, true multi-platform game engine for mobile devices. The platform, written from scratch in C++, enabled you to produce high quality, commercial games through the generic interface for Symbian, Microsoft or Gamepark Holdings' GP2X.

SDL is a cross-platform multimedia library designed to provide low level access to audio, keyboard, mouse, joystick, 3D hardware via OpenGL, and 2D video framebuffer. It is distributed under GNU LGPL version 2.

Notable mentions

During this journey we had several partners that helped us with their knowledge and work like the friends of hours that helped us have our games in 9 languages! Special thanks to:

Alexandros Mouzakidis, Digital Element, for his 3D JavaME prototypes.

Michael Kargas, Portfolio, for his GP2X engine.



Wallpaper for the "Genesis Inc" game Wallpaper for the "Fire Power II - Retaliation" game
Wallpaper for the "Alien Virus Attack" game T-shirt for the "Gameland" event in Thessaloniki, Greece, 2005

Archived log

25 Dec 2006
After three months of thorough discussions a strategic alliance is formed with another greek company to boost the current mobile games production. Company's HQ are now in another city, so, please check the new address. Open vacancies for skilled people are also available. This cooperation results to a major game producer and publisher in Greece.

15 Dec 2006
Programmers and artists are needed to fill the following vacancies:
1. C++ Programmer (Symbian, Microsoft Smartphones/Pocket PCs)
2. JavaME, M3G Programmer
3. SDL Programmer (Linux based handheld consoles)
4. Mobile gaming/pixel artist

25 Sep 2006
Alien Virus Attack will be will be released by Elements Interactive using EDGELIB mobile game engine.

26 Aug 2006
'Ge.Mi.' sponsors the CODER.gr xmas2006 demo contest. For more info (greek) click here.

10 Aug 2006
Alien Virus Attack will be shown to the Cutting EDGELIB Coding Competition 2006.

16 Jul 2006
Genesis Inc. is the new 3D fast-paced action game for J2ME devices. A demo will be available
soon for download.

1 Jul 2006
There are some inconsistencies in the new site which hopefully will be resolved soon. Please be patient. Since the new games will be available publicly on September 2006, it is expected the problems to have been resolved till that time.

14 Jun 2006
The new site is up and running.

1 May 2006
FP Retaliation game it will be available only to a limited number of devices.

19 Apr 06
Alien Virus Attack game was released under Mophun. JavaME version will follow. "Comets" is the new game: Genesis Inc. a 3D game for mobiles. More will be revealed next month.

24 Feb 2006
-Alien Virus Attack game was completed and it is in final tests. It will support 2 players over BT as well. It will be released in March 2006
-FP Retaliation game it will be completed during March 2006.
-Balls on Walls title was postponed for the summer 2006.
-codename: "Comets" title will be revealed soon. Stay tuned!

1 Feb 2006
Blender was selected as the main 3D graphics tool. Georgios supports the Orange Open Movie DVD. The official Orange Open Movie site can be found here.

15 Jan 2006
J2Play, Omega Basic and MobileFX platforms for mobile games are currently being investigated for future game releases.

1 Jan 2006
'Poisonous 06' team was formed by Georgios Chiotis. 'Poisonous 06' members are gamers that want to create games or try creating games in alternative platforms (PS2/Linux, GP2X/Linux etc) just for fun.

15 Dec 2005
Balls on Walls title will be replaced by a 3D game with codename:"Comets" for the Q1 2006.

24 Nov 2005'Ge.Mi. games on the road' is in Microsoft's XBOX360 presentation in Athens, Greece.

20 Nov 2005
'Ge.Mi. games on the road' visi7s dte COMDEX in Athens, Greece. The experience this time was great since we saw the edge of technology. At least two rooms were filled with consoles and PCs for the visitors to play.

3 Nov 2005
The new site is up and running.

13 Oct 2005
Forthcoming titles for Q4 2005 - Q1 2006 are revealed:
1. Alien Virus Attack, a fast-paced puzzle game.
2. Balls on Walls, an action strategy game.
3. FP Retaliation, an arcade shoot' em up.
They will introduce multiplayer gaming through BT/IR. Models supported will be among others: Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Sony Ericsson. Multiplayer gaming availability depending on devices.

12 Oct 2005
Download your favourite games directly to your mobile from Ge.Mi. wap site . Of course GPRS connection and a wap browser is needed. Currently only the FirePower v1.0 for Sony Ericsson T610, Z600, T630, T300, T310 and T230 in all supported languages is available but MORE will follow soon.

25 Sep 2005
Current titles under development for Mophun/J2ME are now 5. Release days are Q4 2005 for 3 of them and Q2 2006 for the rest 2. 2 titles will support multiplayer gaming (BT/IR).

20 Sep 2005
2 more titles are being hammered. An action-puzzle which is not recommended for people that lose their temperature easily and a fast pacing devastation game.

9-11 Sep 2005
'Ge.Mi. games on the road' visits 70th Thessaloniki International Trade Fair, Thessaloniki, Greece for the "Gameland 2005" experience. The dissapointment was great but the opportunity to marvel other technological miracles and enjoy 3 days off the routine was rewarding.

1 Sep 2005
Chiotis Georgios wins the "Letter of the month" distinction with his letter to the Greek "Playstation 2" magazine. The letter was offering some good reasons to avoid the Piracy in PS2 and in video games in general.

27 Jul 2005
Mophun tutorials in english language are now available here, thanks to a great guy, Jens aka deadlock.

15 May 2005
- Mophun tutorials in greek language were put exclusively (till their completion) at Coder.gr under Mophun/J2ME section.
- FirePower v2.0 in chinese was revealed. It will be published from Synergenix.

28 Feb 2005
Mophun tutorials are now available in Poland.

19 Jan 2005
The 'Ge.Mi. games on the road' has its first media appearance at Coder.gr.

22 Dec 2004
- Some more info about FP Retaliation. It will be available for Archos GMini400 and Nokia S60 devices. It will introduce: redesigned graphics and level maps, advanced enemies, new bosses, advanced AI.
- The action strategy game has code name "Project Medieval". No more will be revealed, now. Sorry.

15 Nov 2004
FirePower v1.0 will not appear in other devices as originally designed. FP Retaliation is the new flagship of Ge.Mi.

5 Oct 2004
3 new games are under development. An arcade shoot'em up, an RPG and an action strategy game. Titles will be revealed soon.

8 Sep 2004
The sequel to the FirePower v1.0 is revealed.

1 Jun 2004
Due to technical problems participation to the Sony Ericsson contest canceled. The game will be released in Q1 2005.

10 May 2004
New FirePower v1.0 releases for Sony Ericsson T3xx, T2xx, T6xx, Z6xx models. Supported languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, German, Italian.

24 Mar 2004
'Ge.Mi. development' is renamed to 'Ge.Mi. games on the road' as personal company of Chiotis Georgios. Fragos Michael does not participate but contributes his ideas. It will participate in Sony-Ericsson game development contest ending 24 June 2004. Game will appear in Java section uppon release.

7 Nov 2003
FirePower v1.0 for Sony Ericsson T3xx, T2xx models released. Supported languages: English, Greek, French.

21 Oct 2003
'Ge.Mi. development' is formed. FirePower v1.0 for Sony Ericsson T6xx, Z6xx models released. Supported languages: English, Greek, French.

1 Aug 2003
Chiotis Georgios as programmer/gfx and Fragos Michael as designer/sfx start the development of a game targeting mobile phones. Mophun platform is selected.