I am an Artist and active Blogger
but I used to be a Software Developer

A few words about me

For the last few years I used to develop apps for smartphones in objC, Java and JS and desktop applications in .NET C# and Delphi. I was also writing for the web in PHP, JS, HTML/CSS, for handhelds in C, C++, JavaME, C# CF and I am familiar with popular SQL databases.

I started writing programs back in 1989 first in GWBasic and later in Turbo Basic, Pascal and C. I was a freelancer from 2004 to 2015 but I worked also as an employee for a number of IT companies from 1998 to 2007. I am a Game Developer, an active Blogger and Artist, too.

Add more than 10 teams, start-ups and companies that I was either co-Owner or coFounder and you have the whole picture. From time to time I participate in the Boards of the Associations I am member of. Nevertheless, I draw and paint since the time I was born.


Let me give you some numbers: 19+ smartphone apps, 22+ HTML/CSS, Joomla or Wordpress sites, 15+ desktop apps, 4+ blogs, 4+ video games and counting.

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